How to find High CPC keywords in India 2021


How to find High CPC keywords in India 2021 – Hi guys if you don’t know which is the high CPC top paying keyword then you are at the right place because I will give you the list of High CPC keywords. Here is the list of excessive paying Google AdSense keywords 2021. a lot of us monetize their websites and blogs using Google AdSense. For my part, AdSense is the high-quality p.C/CPC community. So we provide you a list of high paying keyword as a way to virtually give you a boost in earnings. If you found High CPC Keywords list beneficial please comment your views on High CPC Keywords. and motivate us to do the same hardwork in future till then stay motivated stay blessed.

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High CPC keywords in India 2021

Business phone system CPC Ranks

1google small business websites $999
2how to put my business on google map $977
3putting my business on google maps $790
4register business on google maps $697
5video marketing for small business $679
6video hosting for businesses $672
7cloud based call center phone system $621
8how to list your business on google maps $609
9business listing on google maps $604
10google map business listing $555
11compare mobile phone plan $554
12business google drive $532
13online business website builder $521
14how to list my business on google maps $516
15small business loan refinance $513
16antivirus mobile phone $497
17paypal business loan $482
18how to make a business email address $481
19cibc business banking $473
20best voip phone service for business $470
21best credit card for business owners $460
22local google business $453
23gmail for businesses $443
24voip services for small business $438
25professional business email address $435
26voip small business phone systems $424
27vonage business services $424
28conference recording system $412
29voip phone service small business $408
30business email accounts free $383
31google business mail $380
32google small business advertising $369
33american express business loan $364
34business adwords $363
35intuit business checks $359
36how to setup your own business $358
37google business page $357
38google ads for small business $354
39best phone systems for small business $347
40small business voip solution $339
41voip phone system for small business $339
42cheap small business phone service $339
43voip business plans $338
44interactive voice response system ivrs $337
45adding business to google maps $326
46camera security system for business $322
47business power plans $320
48how to add your business on google maps $306
49call centre software for small business $303
50telephones small business $301
51mitel voip system $299
52create business email account free $295
53wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system $295
54top business voip providers $289
55voip system for small business $287
56claim google business page $283
57internet phone system for small business $282
58erp system requirements $280
59business phone package $278
60office phone systems for sale $277
61cloud business solution $277
62best voip phone services $276
63small business voip providers $270
64instant messaging business $262
65getting your business on google maps $259
66best cash back credit card for business $256
67tracking android phone $255
68best business voip phone service $253
69employee insurance for small business $250
70online bachelor degree business $249
71bachelor degrees business $248
72best short term business loans $248
73business phone comparison $247
74hair systems online $246
75virtual pbx phone $245
76lendingtree small business loans $242
77business voip phone services $241
78best small office phone system $237
79business listings google $235
80instant online business loans $233
81list business on google maps $233
82help desk software small business $232
83legacy learning systems $230
84small business vehicle insurance $225
85best credit cards for small businesses $223
86virtual office phone systems $221
87how to build an online business $221
88support services for small businesses $220
89business phone answering systems $220
90business loans short term $218
91cloud based telephone system $218
92small business loans for working capital $217
93google places for business $210
94audio books business $210
95small business video surveillance $207
96hallmark business connections $205
97office voip phone system $205
98video conferencing system for small business $204
99cheap liability insurance small business $204
100voice over ip for small business $204
High CPC keywords in India 2021

Most Expensive High CPC Lawyer Keywords

High CPC keywords in India 2021
High CPC keywords in India 2021
118 wheeler accident lawyer $69.6k
2divorce lawyer $49.6k
3injury lawyer $47.2k
4car accident lawyers $45.5k
5personal.injury lawyer $44.5k
6personal injury lawyer $40.3k
7car accident lawyer $39.5k
8car accident- lawyer $38.4k
9personal injury lawyers $31.8k
10divorce lawyers $29.2k
11injury lawyers $26.9k
12personal injury lawyer near me $22.3k
13auto accident lawyer $20.4k
14dui lawyer $20.4k
15lawyers near me $19.9k
16medical malpractice lawyer $18.4k
17car accident lawyer near me $17.4k
18immigration lawyer $16.6k
19workers comp lawyer $16.4k
20injury lawyer near me $15.2k
21divorce lawyer near me $15k
22workers comp. lawyer $13.9k
23disability lawyer $13.6k
24work injury lawyer $10.9k
25criminal lawyer $10.5k
26tax lawyer $10.2k
27criminal: lawyer $10k
28employment lawyers $9.96k
29family lawyer $9.18k
30bankruptcy lawyer near me $8.91k
31tax lawyers $8.47k
32motorcycle accident lawyer $8.39k
33malpractice lawyers $8.24k
34workers compensation lawyers $8.18k
35car wreck lawyer $8.13k
36car accident lawyers near me $7.53k
37bankruptcy-lawyer $7.25k
38lawyer $7.03k
39bankruptcy lawyer $7.03k
40dui lawyers $6.53k
41/lawyer/ $6.36k
42workers compensation lawyer $6.3k
43workers comp lawyers $6.2k
44medical malpractice lawyers $6.19k
45workmans compensation lawyer $5.76k
46real estate lawyer $5.74k
47workman’s compensation lawyer $5.46k
48criminal lawyers near me $5.18k
49child support lawyer $5.12k
50criminal defense lawyer $4.89k
51workmans comp lawyer $4.75k
52rocket lawyer $4.62k
53lawyer for car accident $4.5k
54immigration lawyers $4.38k
55dui lawyer near me $4.28k
56child custody lawyer $4.18k
57bankruptcy lawyers near me $4.18k
58custody lawyer $4.16k
59truck crash lawyer $4.09k
60slip and fall lawyers $4.02k
61workplace injury lawyer $3.99k
62immigration lawyer near me $3.89k
63child custody lawyers $3.87k
64lawyers for car accidents $3.82k
65san antonio personal injury lawyer $3.8k
66injuries lawyers $3.69k
67custody lawyers $3.55k
68personal injury lawyers near me $3.54k
69lawyers $3.52k
70ask a lawyer $3.37k
71hit and run lawyer $3.36k
72wrongful termination lawyers $3.34k
73bankruptcy lawyers $3.33k
74personal injury lawyer houston $3.3k
75probate lawyer $3.18k
76med mal lawyer $3.16k
77social security disability lawyers $3.1k
78car accidents lawyer $3.09k
79employment lawyer $3.02k
80car accident personal injury lawyer $2.84k
81medical lawyer $2.71k
82car accidents lawyers $2.65k
83domestic violence lawyer $2.62k
84car injury lawyer $2.57k
85timeshare lawyers $2.57k
86lawyers for divorce $2.56k
87traffic lawyer $2.44k
88lawyer near me $2.42k
89disability lawyers $2.37k
90lawyers accident $2.35k
91car crash injury lawyer $2.33k
92property damage lawyer $2.32k
93slip and fall lawyers near me $2.32k
94sexual abuse lawyer $2.32k
95disability lawyers near me $2.3k
96lawyer car accident $2.3k
97lawyers divorce $2.3k
98tax lawyer near me $2.28k
99family lawyers near me $2.28k
100NYC criminal defense lawyer $2.22k
High CPC keywords in India 2021
Most Expensive Lawyer Keywords figures out what lawyer keywords are most expensive to advertise on as a function of cost per click and the number of searches per day. It then ranks keywords from the most expensive per day. Click on any keyword in the list to get more detailed information.
High CPC keywords in India 2021

Most Expensive College Keywords

1online colleges $729k
2college online $94.1k
3online college courses $83.2k
4college board $50.5k
5college loans $31.2k
6cheap online college $22k
7accredited online colleges $18.2k
8online college degrees $18.1k
9community colleges near me $17.8k
10colleges near me $17.6k
11miami dade college $14.3k
12student loans for college $14.2k
13list of online colleges $13.8k
14college $12.9k
15online community colleges $12.8k
16american career college $12.3k
17online accredited colleges $12.3k
18accredited online college $11.7k
19online colleges near me $11.5k
20online colleges in texas $11.2k
21college classes online $11.1k
22online college $11.1k
23college student credit cards $9.71k
24brightwood college $9.53k
25online classes college $9.42k
26online accredited college $9.37k
27community college $9.26k
28college grants $9.07k
29online colleges in florida $8.6k
30ashworth college $8.24k
31best credit cards for college students $7.83k
32phoenix college $7.49k
33college near me $7.35k
34online college schools $6.87k
35colleges $6.6k
36college loans for students $6.42k
37online colleges in nc $6.27k
38florida technical college $6.23k
39online colleges ohio $6.16k
40concordia college $6.14k
41excelsior college $6.13k
42santa ana college $6.05k
43college application $5.99k
44rasmussen college $5.98k
45scholarships for college $5.82k
46bellevue college $5.8k
47online colleges in ga $5.59k
48college ave student loans $5.51k
49online college classes $5.51k
50online colleges in california $5.5k
51best credit card for college students $5.47k
52online colleges in sc $5.26k
53college loans for parents $5.23k
54free online college courses $5.2k
55online colleges in ohio $5.08k
56college scholarships $5.06k
57massasoit community college $4.97k
58college credit cards $4.96k
59northampton community college $4.96k
60online colleges in georgia $4.96k
61virginia college $4.94k
62alabama online college $4.85k
63animal behavior college $4.79k
64cheapest online college $4.6k
65college degrees $4.15k
66top colleges online $4.13k
67uei college $4.08k
68online colleges in pa $3.92k
69nursing colleges $3.79k
70college hunks hauling junk $3.79k
71utica college $3.76k
72credit cards for college students $3.65k
73online colleges in tn $3.49k
74online teaching college $3.49k
75how to apply for college $3.47k
76touro college $3.45k
77college board login $3.4k
78online colleges in colorado $3.39k
79accredited on line colleges $3.33k
80private loans for college students $3.31k
81online college michigan $3.31k
82north shore community college $3.26k
83college programs online $3.22k
84central texas college $3.2k
85simmons college $3.19k
86college books for cheap $3.18k
87fortis college $3.16k
88online courses for college $3.14k
89christian colleges $3.1k
90virginia college online $3.08k
91college board sat $3.04k
92broward college $3.02k
93chamberlain college of nursing $3k
94online college military $2.98k
95galen college of nursing $2.94k
96non profit online colleges $2.92k
97new england college $2.91k
98online colleges for nursing $2.91k
99online college degree programs $2.88k
100bronx community college $2.88k
High CPC keywords in India 2021

Auto Insurance High CPC keywords ranks

1auto club texas $1.05k
2auto insurance Bryan Texas $988
3auto club insurance agency $849
4aaa auto insurance maine $806
5travel insurance icici lombard $799
6Fullerton Auto accident attorney $781
7cheapest car insurance for dui $687
8motorcycle insurance group $646
9Chico auto accident attorney $632
10auto infinity insurance $519
11abogado de accidente auto $502
12hpso student insurance $492
13Mobile auto accident attorney $473
14car insurance quote illinois $466
15auto accident lawyer orlando $464
16ca dui insurance $462
17Downey auto accident attorney $455
18pa car insurance quotes $430
19cheap auto insurance in san antonio tx $430
20springfield Auto accident attorney $424
21insurence cheap $421
22arizona auto insurance quote $419
23auto accident attorney orange county, ca $414
24geico homeowners insurance quotes $412
25geico insurance quote online $407
26oklahoma car insurance quote $405
27georgia auto accident lawyers $405
28best auto insurance Utah $404
29country insurance companies $400
30medical insurance program $397
31aaaa insurance $396
32utah auto accident attorneys $386
33north country insurance $386
34auto accident attorney tampa $383
35az auto insurance quotes $379
36auto accident attorney arizona $376
371 month health insurance $372
38auto accident attorney riverside ca $370
39air force car insurance $368
40auto accident lawyer new york city $363
41california dui auto insurance $357
42usaa auto insurance quote online $355
43person to person auto loans $353
44fitness professionals insurance $352
45auto rent car $352
46Plano Auto accident attorney $349
47Mobile auto accident lawyer $347
48san diego auto accident attorneys $340
49auto accident lawyer in illinois $340
50buy car insurance on line $334
51group insurance for self employed $334
52ri auto insurance quotes $332
53auto insurance quote arizona $331
54auto accident attorneys orlando $329
55iowa car insurance quote $321
56ut car insurance $320
57insurance rochester new york $319
58buy car insurance online now $317
59ny auto accident lawyer $317
60geico insurance prices $314
61hartford auto insurance company $312
62colorado auto accident attorneys $309
63auto accident lawyer colorado springs $308
64car insurance quotes with dui $307
65auto accident attorneys florida $303
66renters insurance columbus ohio $300
67colorado health insurance quote $292
68auto accident attorney fairfield $289
69car insurance quote texas $288
70auto accident lawyer atlanta ga $287
71las vegas auto accident lawyers $285
72lowest rates auto insurance $282
73viaticals insurance $277
74atlanta auto accident attorney $277
75buying auto insurance online $277
76St Petersburg Auto accident attorney $274
77virginia car insurance quotes $273
78malpractice insurance medical $270
79car insurance quotes maine $270
80auto insurance Lewisville TX $268
81auto accident attorney plano $268
82sc homeowners insurance quotes $267
83insurance quote usaa $267
84washington car insurance quotes $267
85new hampshire auto insurance quote $266
86auto accident lawyers in houston tx $263
87seasonal motorcycle insurance $261
88volkswagen auto insurance $259
89best auto insurance in Tennessee $259
90auto insurance quotes indiana $258
91auto insurance for high risk $258
92car insurance vancouver $257
93coventry health and life insurance company $255
94utah auto accident attorney $253
95new york life whole life insurance $252
96auto accident attorneys atlanta $251
97nj car insurance rates $251
98employee insurance for small business $250
99virginia car insurance quote $250
100insurance quote for motorcycle $249
High CPC keywords in India 2021

High CPC Keywords

Most Expensive High CPC Keywords

1car insurance $8.01M $5.84M
3auto insurance $4.63M
4etrade $4.37M
5online colleges $4.16M
6dhgate $3.87M
7mattress $2.48M
8jobs $2.04M
9walmart $2.04M
10tire $2.02M
11auto insurance quotes $1.97M
12car insurance quotes $1.89M
13furniture $1.86M
14credit card $1.85M
15walmart. $1.81M
16automobile insurance $1.8M
17barneys $1.75M
18insurance? $1.72M
19flights $1.64M
20insurance $1.59M
21directv $1.54M
22category: mattresses $1.52M
23/internet/ $1.4M
24moving companies $1.39M
25car insurance quote $1.32M
26nissan $1.31M
27medicare $1.29M
28/insurance/ $1.28M
29/health-insurance/ $1.23M
30student loan $1.19M
31storage $1.18M
32kohls $1.17M
33health insurance $1.14M
34adorama $1.11M
35debt-consolidation $1.11M
36life-insurance $1.08M
37personal loan $1.06M
38spectrum. $1.04M
39spectrum $1.03M
40pizza hut $1.02M
41online college school $1000k
42/dentist/ $979k
43home insurance $973k
44etsy $972k
45/life-insurance/ $965k
46toyota $957k
47dentist $949k
48used cars $942k
49car rental $928k
50used car $928k
51internet service $918k
52macys $917k
53injury attorney $894k
54travelocity\ $884k
55chevrolet $873k
56dominos $869k
57tires $869k
58auto-insurance $862k
59dental insurance $850k
60swimsuit $844k
61c a r insurance $835k
62aarp $822k
63insurance companies $816k
64homeowners insurance $795k
65exterminator $791k
66online school $791k
67hotels $789k
68university online $775k
69mortgages $773k
70dillons $768k
71hertz gold $766k
72home warranty $761k
73home security systems $752k
74cheap flights’ $745k
75vrbo $742k
76business loan $731k
77spectrum internet $720k
78oil change $716k
79home loan $705k
80jiffy shirts $698k
81subaru $688k
82ticketmaster $686k
83car deals $682k
84storage unit $676k
85Ford Dealership $675k
86honda $674k
87cheap auto insurance $674k
88nike shoes $670k
89insurance quotes $665k
90injury lawyer $661k
91loft $658k $655k
93online university $650k
94cruise $649k
95personal loans $648k
96affordable-health-insurance $645k
97pottery barn $624k
98online degree $623k
99cable $616k
100dominos pizza online $612k
High CPC keywords in India 2021

Above mentioned data is taken with help of most trusted softwares like Ahrefs, Semrush etc. All High CPC Keywords are hard work of my team and taken from different SEO Tools, We hope you like High CPC Keywords list.

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