Help in homework – Is homework helpful or harmful?

Is homework helpful or harmful?

Is homework solving harmful or helpful is a debatable discussion among all. It is something that has been going around for many years now. Different people have different views regarding homework. like all parents, students, and teachers having different views regarding homework is harmful or helpful. As the advantages and disadvantages of homework is a relative phenomenon.

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    The help in homework making primarily depends upon the time and the students need to put in and the level of difficulty. Most students believe the fact that it is an unnecessary burden that eats up their most precious time. On the other hand, teachers believe that homework is necessary to reinforce learning. Homework thus has both sides to it.

    Let us now move towards the fact why homework is good and why homework is bad for you and how you can make your homework a piece of cake:

    Benefits of homework

    There are numbers of reasons why the teachers and the educators feel that homework is good for the students learning:

    It reinforces the learning process

    Help in homework – Homework acts as a tool that reinforces whatever is being taught in the school. This phenomenon is especially true for the younger students who are school-going. In the absence of assignment help. whatever they learn at school gets lost on the way home. The students in such a situation are unable to correlate the subject with whatever being taught in the next class. 

    Develops an art of practice among students:

    Since the learning capacity varies from student to student, it is different for all students. Homework only encourages the students to practice and re-practice whatever they have 

    Learn at school. Through this way, if they have slight confusion in any concept, they can easily rework it and go back to the teachers with the problem they are facing. Through this way, students master the concept taught at school and excel academically. 

    Time management skills they come to learn:

    The lessons in schools are mainly taught in order to focus on conceptual clarity. The main aim of assignment help is to help students frame answers to questions in a given time frame. This way the students come to learn the art of time management skills.

    This practice is helpful for the students during exam time. As they have already learned the skill effectively through continuous practice at home. So, they are able to finish their exam in the given time and more effectively. 

    Art of priority setting:

    As the student’s life is full of confusion and lack of priority setting. As the students’ lives are overwhelmed with a number of activities they need to take off.  Students are unable to decide the order of doing tasks. By doing homework can help students to prioritize better as they have to decide which work they need to finish first. 

    Let us now move on to its flip side that is the disadvantages of homework solving : 

    Homework solving creates unnecessary stress:

    About 56% of the students felt the fact that help in homework was a means of primary stress among students. Only about 1% of the students feel that the homework doesn’t cause any type of stress. The main reason for stress formation is mainly due to many reasons like: firstly the stress of finishing the homework on time, secondly, they feel the consequence of getting a wrong answer. 

    Health problem they’re going to face:

    The direct consequence of stress due to homework solving is in the form of health problems. The students who get more homework to be done often suffer from health issues. Due to stress issues, they suffer from headaches, lack of sleep, exhaustion, stomach aches, etc. while the health issue may seem to be a smaller issue in the beginning while it leads to chronic issues in the long term.

    It creates an imbalance in life:

    Spending too much time on homework also prevents students from having an active social life and it also prevents them from mingling with friends and peers. Always busy with help in homework solving, students are unable to socialize in a healthy manner.

    Which leads to difficulty in the later stage of the communication. Due to an always busy schedule. Additionally, due to the high pressure of homework, the students are unable to take part in extracurricular activities.  This stands in the way of holistic development.

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